Labor Culture
"Any union organizer who wants to win has to be tuned in to culture"
- Barbara Ehrenreich, featured speaker at the Not Bread Alone exhibit, SEIU 1199.

personal projects

Poster celebrates 100 years of struggle for worker health and safety

"Use the union label"

article in California Teacher

Sidewalk Contractor Stamps

Proposal for Inclusion of Union Labels
in Bibliographic and Archival Cataloging

Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival

At Work: The Art of California Labor

Other labor culture

An annual labor media gathering produced by an independent committee of
unionists, teachers, & cultural workers.

Inkworks Press
Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival's
2004 "Labor Arts" Award

"Step by step, the longest march,
can be won..."
-poem from cover of the constitution of the American Miners' Association, 1864. This image from a book published by Edward A. Wieck, 1940, scanned and cleaned up by Lincoln Cushing.
to Jackson Browne singing it...

"Rosie the Riveter" is not the same as "We Can Do It!"

academic projects

Agitate! Educate! Organize!
American Labor Posters
Cornell University Press, 2009

Institute of Industrial Relations
Labor Culture Research Guide
[removed by IRLE, to be replaced]

Institute of Industrial Relations
Labor Photo Gallery

Database of American Labor Graphics
American labor graphics bibliography

East Bay Labor Journal
sample articles of Bay Area labor history

Proposal to include
"Labor Organization Representative "
in U.S. Department of Labor
occupational titles

from the UC archives-
"Academia's J.P. Stevens:
The University of California,"
Labor Center Reporter, 1986

and for organizer's fantasy rant (audiofile)

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