Kent State posters from the
All Of Us Or None Archive, Berkeley, CA

The horrific actions at Kent State and Jackson State, along with Nixon's escalation of the Vietnam War, resulted in a massive outpouring of poster art in the spring of 1970. Some were professionally made, others were hand printed at college workshops or basement studios, but the graphic power was dramatic in all cases.
Here are some examples.
The first is by SBS Creative Designs, the other three (including the one on tractor-feed computer paper) from the UC Berkeley workshops. Note the misspelled name of one Kent martyr, Allison Krause.
A commemorative website by movement veteran Mike Alewitz can be seen here, and this educational site by Alan Canfora.

Lincoln Cushing, curator, AOUON Archive
Boston March 5, 1770 - Kent State May 4, 1970 Murdered [Kent State]Avenge [Kent State] Kent State : Augusta, Georgia

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