Triumph Bonneville oil hoses

Recently the upper oil hose on my 2001 Triumph Bonneville started to leak. It wasn't much, but it clearly needed replacement.
I tried finding a suitable one online, but nothing showed up for my bike - the first year that new Triumph made that model.
I called my Triumph dealership, gave the serial number, and was told that the replacement style part would work.
The original hose was a goofy fit, running in a pretzel path. I figured the redesigned hose was simply a more elegant design.
But no, it did not fit. Turns out that angle and position of the head fitting is different on my year.
I tried a used hose from a 2002 bike, and was able to make it fit - with a lot of fussing, filing, and a bit of bending.

Lincoln Cushing, biking since 1972.

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Triumph Bonneville oil hoses