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Community Murals Magazine was the preeminent international clearinghouse for information and analysis of this vibrant field of art for 10 years.
Report on national murals conference hosted by Cityarts Workshop, NYC.

A Letter from Anton Refregier
Los Angeles | San Francisco | Houston
Massachusetts | Chicago
Washington Heights | Harlem
Brooklyn | Warrensburg | New Jersey
Lower East Side | San Diego
“Prison Walls” 
“Our History’s No Mystery” 
The Documentors:Some Guidelines
Political Mural
CMM2 Report on the 2nd national murals conference hosted by Chicago Mural Group.

Letter from Anton Refregier
Statement by Carol Kenna, Greenwich Mural Workshop
Connecticut | Lansing | St. Louis | Cleveland
Scotland—The Wall of Neglect
Milwaukee | Atlanta | South Carolina | New York
Madison | Chicago | New Mexico | New Jersey
Notes from Mexico, by Rini Templeton
Los Angeles | San Francisco | Berkeley | San Diego
Letter by John Weber to NYT.
Techniques for working in schools
Examples from Taller Siqueiros
The Commissioning Process
Porcelain Enamel | Cast Concrete | Mosaics
Grants and Funding Issues: grant proposal writing
  • Bi-lingual problems | Block Grant funding
  • Administration vs. Program funds
  • Public Art Commissions (1% laws)
  • Censorship | Politics behind funding
  • Alternate funding processes and sources
  • Museum structure and community arts
  • The “trick bag” of funding setting up competition among community groups. 
Editorial process—Bay Area takes responsibility
Berkeley—Commonarts—La Peña
Los Angeles—SPARC | Monster Mural Project
Citywide Mural Project—L.A. | We Are Not A Minority
Proposition 13 and you
Refregier Murals in Rincon Annex
Public Art Preservation Committee Formed
Santa Rosa | San Mateo County | Sebastopol | Chicago
Portland, Oregon | Las Vegas | Texas | Canto al Pueblo ‘78
City bureaucracy attacks murals (Madison, Wisc).
New York | Northeast Network Region | East Coast | New Jersey
Artists Equity | CETA workers join union in Buffalo
Taller Siqueiros closed
Message from Jean Charlot
Some personal thoughts from John Weber
Sweden | London | Holland | Scotland
The Gentle Giant
France | Vancouver | Mexico
The location of Picasso's Guernica—an update
Issues facing muralists (covers international material left out of previous NMN due to length.

Older murals and muralists
Radical Artist, Victor Arnautoff, 1896-1979
Jean Charlot | Charles White, dead at 61
Rincon Annex muralist dies | Pablo O’Higgins
Trying to destroy the mural movement
Excerpts from “Art Wars”  Eva Cockcroft
Mural Process vs. Mural Product | Houston, Texas
"Qué Viva Picasso!” | Galeria de la Raza
“Flor en la comunidad”/A flower in the community
Muralism in Michigan
Police destroy anti-nuclear mural in Denver
Grant’s Tomb benches face destruction
Who’s burying Grant’s Tomb?
‘Song to Martí’—collective mural
Giant Rivera drawings/cartoons discovered
History of New Haven Murals
Dartington College Art and Design in Devon, England
Scotland Project
Children Are Our Future/Niños son nuestro futuro  (Weber)
Other 1979 murals in Chicago
“Ancient Roots/ New Visions”
Public Art Workshop celebrates Year of the Child
Gill Park Women’s Equality mural
Chicago-Raza murals
London-Battersea Bridge mural destroyed, muralist arrested
Artist and union clash over “T” mural (Boston)
"Boston” Murals vs. Union
“Public Works”  (Norwich, Conn)  Eva Cockcroft
San Francisco murals | Santa Rosa, CA
Funding and murals—Eva Cockcroft and Tim Drescher
Use billboards—René Yañez
Int’l Women’s Day poster
Not Just Murals
Chicano Visual Arts Conference, Austin Tejas
Community murals are something new—Osha Neumann
Anti-drug abuse mural trashed
Children’s Rights Mural and Reading Center
Children’s murals do not have to be “Just Kids’ Art.”
Nevada Country CETA murals documented
AFL-CIO funds mammoth (mural?) culture project
Muralists and unions
Baltimore Beautiful Walls| Hestia Mural Project
News from New Jersey | Denver
Leo Tanguma and Houston murals | St. Paul, MN
Injunction granted—Blue Island  | N.Y. Cityarts update
1980 Fresco in Whitewater, WI | Letelier Brigade in Oregon
Thai artists break through culture dictatorship
Swedish Muralist Arrested
A Short Introduction to Scottish Murals | London, England
Letter from India | Public art in modern India
Cueco and French public art
Painting the Town | A book on law and art
Rivera Frescos in Detroit at center of museum battle
Technical questions | Source of professional mural slides
Copyright for muralists | Mural contracts

Anti-WW III spider in Chicago
Ruling class supports its own art priorities.
Mural Network Initiates anti-war murals
PAW Peace Mural | Nicaragua
Mexican master muralist Camarena Dies at 72
Workers’ education mural in Australia
Sardinian Murals—A public expression of rebellion
New murals in Brussels/Belgium
Stephen Lobb of London
Women Street Painters
Detroit | Lansing, MI | Oatman, AZ
San Diego: Undocumented worker wall
Review—California Murals
History Lesson Taught Under a Hot Sun (re: GWLA)
Bright murals painted out because of criticisms
A mural to live by
Against federal domestic budget cuts NYC
Reagan’s policies—Shift to the right
Children’s murals in Brussels
Children are meant to be happy
Youth complete “Passages”
Lynn Takata
Reclaim The Night South Australia | Melbourne murals
Welsh “Murinal”
Soledad prison mural
Nuclear Dawn dedicated In Brixton, England
Chicago anti-WWIII mural
Multicultural mural Santa Fe
Community mural painting projects begin at La Rochelle
Mural painting by Ernest Pignon-Ernest on new Central Union Building of Grenoble
Dream mural project rural Virginia
Ravenswood, Chicago
Ceremonies for Heritage Now, Chicago
Some Riveras in Detroit’s future
Oaxaca in The History Of Mexico - Arturo Garcia Bustos
Servicios De Salud Para Su Familia - Pedro Romero
Murals and miners In Millvale - Maxo Vanka
Oatman murals creating controversy In Min E Town
Cement and murals
For the People Of The Future, Chicago
Mural painter believes vandalism political act—San Diego
The Farmworker - San Diego
Muralist recommends sealer
Chicano mural defaced
Hayward officials blame anti-social behavior
Federal Arts Funding cutback
Reagan aides discuss U.S. role In helping arts and humanities
New Congress may cost arts support
Suggestions for funding proposals
Cover - Fonseca and Sandino
Recognition by Artes Visuales
The Brigada Orlando Letelier
Murals in Nicaragua
Europe—West Germany, Brussels, Madrid (Belkin)
How politics determines form—another example
Oaxaca mural painters protest
Carlos Sandoval to complete mural in Zihuatenjo, Mexico
Viva Siqueiros (America Tropical)
Argument Rages: Murals of Aztlán show
Chicano Art—Looking Backward (Shifra Goldman)   
Portable murals by Tim Drescher
United States—Library mural artists to use new technique
Hijos del Sol mural honored
Mural trumpets refrain of unity to Hispanic youth
Santa Rosa |
Telegraph Avenue’s heroic new mural
Mural reveals the many faces of Oakland (Galvez)
CPAG benches by Lynn Takata
Popular arts workshop, Lansing, MI
Mason’s “Murinal” |
Cityarts summer, 1980
Creating Public Art--Lillian Kellen Rosenberg in Boston
Wall Paintings by Hank Prussing
Silhouette technique used on old school mural
Pro graffiti (letter from Belgium) 
Alatorre helps local residents fight graffiti
Fran Valesco - Notes on her graphic work
Posters—Silkscreening as a tool for social change
Murals destroyed by anti-graffiti sealers
Mural unpalette-able
Whitewashing mural art - Holly Court
Information on copyright, contracts
O’Higgins mural endangered
Mudflat sculptures
Cover: GWLA 1940s
Murals and History
GWLA cover and article
Publications—Toward A People’s Art, L’Art Public, Nuts and Bolts
Builders of the Cultural Present
Pilsen: Urban art with a message
10 years at the Public Art Workshop
Chicago Mural Group expands
Cityarts Summer 1981
Dr. King mural dedicated by Boro Pres Manes
Franco Gaskin (“the great”)
Search for an Eighth Ave. muralist
Wet Paint III, Newark NJ
Artist reviews his long-lost murals
Moscone sculpture by Arneson censored
S.F. Women’s Building mural
Mural Movie—two reviews
Redesigned billboard
Native Americans in Balboa Park mural
Chicano Park La Revolucion Mexicana Victor Ochoa
National City Library mural
Warning! City Council manipulates muralists
The struggle (with anti-graf sealer) continues
Juan O’Gorman
Arnold Belkin
Shifra Goldman’s Contemporary Mexican Painting in a Time of Change
Australia—Public Art Squad; Legend of Fire in Glass
Europe—Amsterdam squatter murals
Survey of French murals
Process and collective work by Robert Sommer
Haymarket Press mural in Minneapolis
Balboa High School dollar bill mural
Cover: pachuco against Coatlicue relief
Art and Society
Survey re: women’s movement
Billboard  correction
Bay Area murals
Mural Resource Center—S.F.
Vandalism on Our History Is No Mystery
Herbert Siguenza billboard changed for magazine cover
Galvez’ Street Tattoo
Califas conference
Activist Artist Advance
Yolo County murals
More censorship—Milwaukee, Ann Arbor, Baraboo
“Forbidden” Chicago mural may come to life again
Lawmakers play amateur art critic
Lilli Ann Kellen Rosenberg’s Betances Mural
Alan Barnett- Northern Journey Pt. I
San Francisco mural map
Chicano nationalism
John Weber—'Reaganomics and the Arts” for New Art Examiner
Robert Sommer on psychological aspects of community murals
German trompe l’oeil murals
Artistic intervention in Paris 14th District

Cover: Judy Baca’s Uprising of the Mujeres
Film—Anatomy of a Mural
Art and Culture of the American Labor Movement - Schulz
Frida, by Hayden Herrera
Tim Drescher - review of Townscape Institute books
Anti-graffiti manufacturer settles out of court
Eva Cockcroft article from Heresies
Chile: Embroideries of life and death
Politics of Street Painting—Eva Cockcroft and Miriam Brosky
Alan Barnett, part II of Northern Journey
The Shadow Project | The Pullman Project
Victor Sorell on Chicano nationalism
Montana murals and muralists
Restoring Frank Engebretson’s folk art
Mural by Thomas Hart Benton may be split up
Mural Bus
Dewey Crumpler’s The Fire Next Time II
Scenes from the downtown L.A. Women’s Center
Australia—Direct community participation in Canberra murals
Brussels  St. Josse-Ten-Noode Murals
Ireland photos
Cover: Fire Hose/Fight Back, Richard Correll, 1971 Coit Tower San Francisco: Its History and Art Documentation Guidelines Chicago Mural Group South Africa reggae singers get jail for “Seditious” song
Coit Tower muralists honored
Bernal Heights mural, S.F.
Wet Paint in New Jersey

Determination rises as mural crumbles

England—Two anti-fascist murals

Art Is not a luxury: Community art in Scotland 1982
New Zealand France: The Process of Phillipe Mouillon Muralist
Pablo O’Higgins dies

Billboard alterations

Peace, cultural resistance

Community sculpture in Chicago
Cover: Jim Dong’s playground fish
Billboard corrections
Letelier and Canales show at La Galeria
Women’s roles provide theme of Canales mural
Susanville’s new mural
Las Lechugueras
Chicano murals making mark on art scene
The Carnaval mural - Daniel Galvez
Evolution Rainbow resurrected
Dick Correll’s prints
CMG Billboard Project
Journey Into Indigo - Mitchell Caton
Artists fuel cause celebre over “Sprayer of Zurich.”
Grupo Awuyaka—Bogota.
South Africa slogans on cup bring jail term
Cover: War, 1983, Harding and McCrae, Brixton, London
Artists and no nukes
Keim Paints; Mural painting bibliography
Guatemalan children’s drawings
Community Arts and Third World solidarity struggles
Northern Ireland style and politics
London anti-nuke murals
Diné history mural
El corrido de Boyle Heights 
Coexistance Portrayed in Mural
GWLA—summer 1983
East Los Streetscapers
Olympic  murals
Leo Tanguma, Mary Meadows and Jim Prigoff
Chicanas speak out
Giving Peace a Chance
Vandalism outrages Stanford gay group

Cover: Arch Williams
Generic how to attack injustice
Puerto Rico: Art for the People
Argentina mural movement
Berlin murals 1984
Grenada In Memoriam, 1979-1983
Los Angeles rejects Barbara Carrasco LA history mural
Oakland dedicates Grand Performance
CMG in its 15th year
"We Are Not a Minority” vandalized
Caravan of Dreams
Community culture, a team effort
Billboard debate—Mike Mosher and CPAG
Cover: Detail from LULAC Mural
Labor and art
Art at Work
Artists brigade to Nicaragua
Town in Canada uses murals to survive
Balmy Alley foldout
Mixed media project on Avenue C - Weber
ELS Cara a Cara en Centroamerica
Art and Working Life in Australia
Health & safety posters
The Traveling Union Hall Show
Artist/Writer creates graphics for restaurant strike
Cover: Dewey Crumpler’s Western Addition Cultural Center Mural
Letter from Northern Ireland
Letter from Pete Seeger
Art & apartheid
Northern Ireland
Responses to Alan Barnett’s book
Alejandro Canales
Raya’s Portrait of America
Opposition to nuclear weapons in Atlanta - David Fichter
Voz Libre in Chicano Park
Chicago Mural Group
Making the Cottage Grove Mural
Reflections - John Wehrle in S.F.
Jobs Bill mural program a success in San Francisco
Lipi Ni Lapu-Lapu
Martin Luther King Swimming Pool mural project
Tools for Peace - Arch Williams and Tony Senna
3-D images
Lisa Kokin, Batik Artist
Cover: Portraits by Domingo Ulloa, 1974.
CMM—Who we are, what we do
Legal rights of muralists, copyright for muralists
José Hernandez Delgadillo: The social compromise of the artist
Activist art in Mexico
Belkin completes Omniciencia
Genesis of the Sidewalk Mural of Tlatelolco: Jorge Infante Correa
Report from Managua
Hawaiian mural
Chicano Museum
Sunflowers of Nature
Mural Turns EMU lobby into gallery
New mural for Queens Senior Citizen Center
Revitalization of Hollis Avenue
St. Albans’ mural
Los Angeles Olympics, 1984
Domingo Ulloa - People’s Artist
Ralph Maradiaga obituary
Argentina | Australia | Africa | Seattle
Art as a Social and Aesthetic Act: Interview with Elena Diz and   Juan Manual Sanchez
On the Matters of Remaining Behind and Hypocrisy
Muralism: The Art of the Streets. In Whose Hands? 
Failed muralism
Ricardo Carpani: Rebellion and Solidarity
Nat'l Muralists’ Movement supports National & Popular Subjects 
Declaration of Argentine Society of Plastic Artists
Painting the Stones of Law - prison murals in CA 
Erasure of three New Mexico murals
War on graf
Popular Arts Workshop closes
Taino gods watch over Perkins St.
Keim paints
John Hoagland, 1948-1984
Barnett response to reviews
Viet veterans say Rambo is bunk
Cover: Amandla, John Pitman Weber, Brown
Richard Serra—Tilted Arrogance
Italian-Nicaraguan collaboration in Managua
Murals destroyed in Mexican earthquake
Anti-racism murals defaced in Greenwich
Y Tu Y Yo Y Que
The La Lucha Mural - political art park in NYC
Mission playground Linda Street mural
Inner City mural project
Imaginaction conference - Alliance for Cultural Democracy
Posters as street art & social message (Carlos Cortez)
Meridian’s Art of the Americas: Junctures and Disjunctures - Goldman
Cover: London solidarity mural with El Salvador
The power of cultural exchange
Rescuing murals hit by quake
German-French Mural Painting in Lons-Le-Saunier 1984
Murals in Northern Ireland
Mural questions US role in Latin America—Tanguma
Bernard Zackheim, Sebastopol artist, dies at 89
Venice, CA, and Marseilles, France
Mural at Zapata rally
MacArthur Park - Art as catalyst for community
Bay Area — Ben Franklin, Socialist Bookstore, For the Roses, Mitzvah
The Chilean Cultural Exchange Project
Cover: Chilean poster
Paint fundamentals
Art of Defiance: A Visual Feast from Latin American Women
Review of Betty LaDuke’s Compañeras
Scotland - Artists’ Collective
Painting bridges with the Soviet Union
Reflections on muralism
Mexican Earthquake Update
Roots of the Flowers (Nelhuayotl Xochitl)
Martin Luther King, Jr, mural unveiled at DC Public Library
Movimiento mural in Austin
Norwalk restores depression-era murals
Map mural - SF International airport
Walls that Speak—Denver symposium
ILWU mural sculpture—high tech paint
Anti-apartheid artwork
Poster distribution
Billboard corrections
Cover: ILWU mural-sculpture
Arizona apartheid—immigrants, anti-gay laws
Review - Community, Art, and the State: Storming the Citadels
GMW publishes mural manual
Diego Rivera - myth and reality 
Oakland’s Galvez paints murals for Massachusetts
Donkey Cart - San Diego
ILWU-Metal - Longshore Union mural-sculpture
Filipino Education Center mural - “My Journey”
Endangered species welcome the humans
New Mexico Highlands University murals
Poster archives: An effort at cultural self-preservation
Rini Templeton 1932-1986
Cover: Judy Branfman Alaskan textile
Margaret Randall’s trial by INS
Arte Chicano   
Mural preservation in Mexico
What’s inside the bottle—resins and binders in paint
Mexican muralists organize after 1985 earthquake
Preservation campaign for Mexico City
Mexican mural movement in San Miguel de Allende
Australia-China Mural Exchange
Artist files suit (Boston)
David Tineo: drawing people and murals together
Art and day care
Collective mural takes a shot at crack
Racist message I Whitewashing art (San Jose, CA)
Bringing attention to the San Luis Valley
Hugo Gellert—People’s Artist 1892-1985
Cover: P-9 detail
Must aesthetic impact suffer in proportion to collectivity?
What’s Inside the bottle?
El Amanacer - Nicaragua
Muralist Orlando Suarez dies in Havana
Where has the Berlin Admiral Street gone?
Mexican mural preservation
The Puerto Rican “Plena” as mural
Defacement of Mike Alewitz’ P-9 mural
Lakas Sambayanan
The painting of El Nuevo Fuego
Update: NMHU mural destruction
Boston’s Chinatown Community Unity
The Pullman Playsculpture
Gender in Chinese propaganda images
Bay Area street stencils
Cover: Emeryville mudflat sculpture
NEA defunds CMM
Review of Louder Than Words by Jill Posner
Review of Museum of the Streets - Twin Cities
Elizam Escobar: P.O.W. in U.S.
Australian International Peace Year mural
Women’s mural project: Melbourne, Australia
Brazil: Portinari
New York
Song of Unity restored
Painting the Town - Moira Harris re: Minneapolis murals
A hstory of Colorado murals
Emeryville mudflats sculpture against U.S in Central America
Cover: Bread & Roses Mural by David Fichter
Pathfinder Mural Project
San Diego Centro Cultural faces destruction
Review of Made in Aztlán
Diego Rivera: Paradise Lost at Rockefeller Center
Correspondence about Community-Art-Culture-Democracy
Yugoslav gift to Mexico
Monumental work by Nicaraguan youth
Anti-nuclear mural in Auckland
Whitianga mural
Ka Luku O Ohhia Lehua
Orange County bus art
Mele O Aloha Aima
Potrero Hill mural project
The Right of Education/The Seed of Freedom Arch Williams
Tanguma’s Passageway of Values mural
Lawrence, MA - “Bread and Roses” strike
Jer O’Leary: Ireland’s banner maker
Kevyn Lutton
Cover: New Tree of Life - swimming pool mural
National cultural conference
Mosaic, not melting pot
Progressive arts publications
“Yuendumu Doors-Kurruwarri” Warlukurlangu artists 1987
Belkin in Nicaragua
Mud Mime mural - Australia
International mural in Diriamba, Nicaragua
Malaquias  Montoya in Tijuana
San Antonio including fold-out of Casiano Homes murals
El Paso murals
Mexican artist donates mural to San Jose (CA)
Earth Book-Skyline mural project
Mujeres de Fuego
New Tree of Life
Recent Olivia Gude murals
Gargoyles to scare developers
Galleries open doors to Chicano, Latino art   
Survey of graffiti books
CMM crew
Community Murals crew, 1987

Top, left to right-Jane Norling, Kim Anno, Rio Norling Chavez, Miranda Bergman, Lincoln Cushing, Nancy Hom. Bottom row-Yolanda Lopez, Tim Drescher, Nicole Hsiang. Not pictured - Arch Williams, Kathie Cinnater, Jim Dong, Odilia Rodriguez.
CMM logo by Jane Norling
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