Donovan Michael Gray, 1949-2017

Donovan Gray left this mortal coil on April 13, 2017 after failing to
survive a
single-car accident in Portland, Maine.
Donovan was a lifelong cultural worker, historical preservationist, and railroad buff.
He leaves behind two older brothers, Kerrigan (Portland, Ore.)
and Brian (Cambridge, Ohio).

We will miss him dearly.
Donovan Michael Gray, 1971
Donovan Gray, age 23, Cheney, Washington, Fall 1971
4/5 of Gray family
“4/5 of the Gray family,” April 1958; family home 4558 9th St., Seattle, Wash.; photo by father Stanley Gray.
Left to right: Kerrigan, Donovan, Brian, and mother Maxine Cushing Gray.
Maxine's brother was Richard Cushing.

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