Jane Fonda - social justice activism posters from California
Jane Fonda poster
Jane Fonda poster
GI rights movement, 1969.
"Pat Chenoweth, a 21 year old enlisted man, has been singled out by the navy to serve as a scapegoat charged with sabotage in time of war, he faces 35 years in jail. He needs your support! Free Pat Chenoweth! Free all GIs!"
End apartheid in South Africa, 1972.
In the early 1970s U.S. solidarity efforts to support the liberation movements in Southern Africa were in their infancy. This humble poster puts veteran activist Tom Hayden together with newly radicalized Hollywood actress Jane Fonda - three months before she went to Viet Nam and one year before they married.
Jane Fonda poster
Jane Fonda poste
Viet Nam, 1973.
Jane Fonda visited Viet Nam in 1972 and helped fund and organize the Indochina Peace Campaign.

Viet Nam aftermath, 1973.
Support for Bay Area Amnesty Coalition and Medical Aid to Indochina.

Jane Fonda poster Support for the Campaign for Economic Democracy, 1979
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posted 2/2/2020