Ñiko posters of
Pablo Neruda poems

A stunning limited edition folio of 25 posters illustrating Pablo Neruda’s poems by Cuban artist Antonio Pérez González (Ñiko) is available for purchase.
Niko poster

El libro de las preguntas de Pablo Neruda (Book of Questions) was published a year after the Chilean Nobel Prize winning author's death in 1973, and is described as one of his most playful collections of poems in which he questioned his life and the world through questions and poetics.

The folio was designed by renown Cuban graphic artist Ñiko and professionally screenprinted in 2014. Born in Havana, Cuba 1941, Ñiko designed posters for the Cuban Film Institute ICAIC starting in 1968. He has lived in Mexico since 1988 where he is professor of graphic design at the Escuela Gestalt de Diseño in Xalapa, Veracruz.
Niko poster

Sales of these posters raise funds for a local cultural project, “Busca ImaginARTE” ("Looking for Imagin/art") which publishes and promotes regional environmental justice works; an example can be seen below.

The full Neruda folio can be seen here.
Prices for the set or individual posters available upon request; contact katiaesqueda@hotmail.com

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Niko posterfirst posted 10/24/2021