Resistance graphic art
in Argentina

Argentina artists
Gabriel Mahia (Colectivo Onaire); Santiago Pozzi; [screenprint];
Lincoln Cushing, visiting gabacho; Noe Mercanzini (Estampa Feminista) [linocuts];
Paulx Castex (Estampa Feminista) [linocuts]; San Spiga [letterpress, screenprint];
Mariana Campo Lagorio (Colectivo Onaire)

At the end of 2018 I spent my last night in Buenos Aires having a fantastic meeting with local political graphic artists. We talked about technique, gender, collective practice, archives, language, community engagement, and most everything in between. It was a most generous and sweet group. Special shout out to Santiago Pozzi for setting up the charla. Juntos [juntxs?] venceremos.
Samples of their work can be seen below.

Posters - click on images for larger view
Pan-Paz, by Colectivo OnaireDetail of mural by Colectivo Onaireposter by Colectivo OnairePozzi1Pozzi2Pozzi3Pozzi4Estampasestampasestampas3Spiga1Spiga2Spiga3

other Argentina murals and street art
Mural at Punto Piramides
stencil-Bolsano, separation of church and statestencil-Bolsano, abortion rightsBA street artBA street poster

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