Built 1912 by UC Berkeley engineering graduate Carr Jones (his first house)
Directions to 822 Santa Barbara Road - Lincoln and Nina's home

From SF or Oakland:
Coming up freeway 880, you go almost all the way past the Berkeley exits and take the last one, after Gilman, called Buchanan. It peels off to the right, crosses a major street (San Pablo Avenue) and becomes Marin Avenue. Keep going up, up, up the hill, basically staying with traffic. You'll get to a traffic circle with a fountain - go all the way to the other side, steepest street, which is still Marin. Third left is Santa Barbara, take it. Go past boulder park on right, 822 is on the west side of the street about 10 houses up as it curves to left. Street is narrow and parking sometimes challenging, but It's ok to park on the bay side of the street as it curves around.

From Marin:
Take the Buchanan exit (a left exit) as you approach Berkeley and before you hit 880. You'll go left under the freeway and follow the above directions.

From UC campus:
Take Oxford Street (west edge of campus) north, go right at light on Rose (note sign for Berkeley Rose Garden), left one block later on Spruce. Up, up. One block after the second pedestrian crossing sign at San Benito go left on Santa Barbara, in one block you'll cross Marin, continue about a block.

Marin is VERY steep, best approach up hill is Spruce Street, left on Santa Barbara across Marin.

Call if questions, cell 510-418-5193.
Mapquest view here.

view from deck

Map history of housing on this block of Santa Barbara Road

Map of the Santa Barbara- Indian Rock Preparedness Group (SBIRP)

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