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Recent items

The Margie Santos poster collection at the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) - an example of archival midwifery

Con Safos - essay in Counter Signals #5

The first industrial women welders

Our Struggle is Your Struggle: International Solidarity Posters, exhibition at Poster House 4/25-11/3/2024

Malcolm Margolin's hands - video

Groundwork Books (UCSD) Mayday concert 1978 - audiofiles

Press power of the Long 1960s: Liberation through duplication, essay in Printing History, Summer 2023 and Stansbury Forum

OSPAAAL artist Alberto Blanco 1955-2023

"How Poster Art of the 'Long 1960s' Fueled International Solidarity," Brown Journal of World Affairs, Spring/Summer 2023

Alliance for Cultural Democracy digital archive

UC Berkeley course - Archiving as Social Justice Practice 2023
2022 Archiving as Social Justice Practice

Archived issues of Grassroots, Berkeley's community newspaper

Emmy Lou Packard's Peaceable Kingdom mural

Jeff Kramm, 1970 gay poster against the Vietnam War

Henry J. Kaiser's 1947 superbus

Archived issues of Community Murals Magazine

The untold story of sabotage at the WWII Kaiser Richmond shipyard

Fontana Kaiser Steel and smog, 1972

When 'Rosie the Riveter' Went Viral - Stansbury Forum 3/5/2022

WWII Kaiser ships named for immigrants

"New archive of progressive history moving to North Berkeley" 12/28/2021

Whitewashing history - essay on the erasure of uncomfortable images

Emmy Lou Packard's lost history as WWII illustrator

Presentation on the Resounding Legacy of the WWII Home Front for the Rosie the Riveter Trust 11/5/2021

"A new look at Berkeley’s 1970s battles over policing, marijuana, apartheid" Berkeleyside 10/31/2021

Posters based on Pablo Neruda's Book of Questionsby Cuban artist Antonio Pérez González (Ñiko)

Podcast segment on Cuban posters, London School of Economics series on
major themes in the emergence of new communication technologies and their impact on Latin American societies

"Joe Rosenthal and the Photo that Changed America" exhibition at California State Library

Berkeley divests from South Africa 1974

Ex Libris: Bookplates from Cuba's Biblioteca Nacional José Marti

Gestetner Art

Henry J. Kaiser's support for WWII Merchant Mariners

Oakland Black workers' baseball during WWII

Review of book on Chilean political murals

"It's a pipe to Bob!" WWII shipyard article by and about uncle Robert Heizer

Art and activism: Posters for social change, panel for the Living New Deal project 1/7/2021

Slideshow presentation on Cuba-US graphic art collaboration, SF Public Library, 10/20/2020 - YouTube

Liberating Public Library Content - The poster digitization project at the Oakland Public Library César Chávez Branch 9/6/2020

Posters in online Bridgemaker Arts 2020  group exhibition

Illustrated essay, "The Cuban Poster: Pride and Determination" (2018)

How to flatten posters

Neighborhood media activism during the pandemic - CoviDiaries and Quirky Berkeley

Health care posters web page  | article in Stansbury Forum

Oakland motorcycle parking

Jane Fonda's social justice activism iin California

"Collecting for people, not for profit" essay in Collecting Prints, Posters, and Ephemera, 2020

Resistance graphic art in Argentina

"Paper or digital, political posters matter as much as ever" article in Nation of Change 4/19/2019

Camp Madison-Felicia, 1964 - film by Ann Tompkins

"Oakland Physician Stood Up for Housing Rights"  East Bay Express 2/6/2019

"Art is not the enemy" exhibition of OSPAAAL poster reproductions, Paris, Fall 2018

Essay on posters and women in the Cuban revolution, menu for Blacktail Bar, New York (PDF)

"Archivist finds joy in customized Triumph Bonneville" SF Chronicle

Book review - Chesucristo: The fusion in image and word of Che Guevara and Jesus Christ

The Women Behind the Black Panther Party Logo - AIGA Design Observer, Stansbury Forum

Cuba-Viet Nam Exhibition: Art Solidarity Across Oceans

"Summer of Love or Summer of Resistance?" California Historical Society essay examines four posters.

Essay on Cuban posters in new book Communist Posters by Reaktion Press

10 posters illustrating the life of Fidel Castro, New York Times obituary

Recent books for which I supplied cover and inside poster art:
Lavender and Red, by Emily Hobson | The Explosion of Deferred Dreams, by Mat Callahan

Art of Solidarity: Cuban posters for African Liberation 1967-1989 (exhibition, Liverpool, England, 1/13/2017-6/18/2017)

1980s Emeryville mudflat sculptures

"Outlaw posters" - essay in The Outlaw Bible of American Art, Last Gasp Press, 2016

Inkworks Press, 1974-2015   |   Steven Heller interview 3/25/2016

Star Wars, Race, and American Imperialism, Stansbury Forum, January 2016

about radical archives by Interference Archive (audio)

Poster images in  "Patient No More" exhibition on the disability rights movement

Exhibition review - "Primo Angeli: A Retrospective" at the Museo Italo Americano, SF

Bay Area Peace Navy sails for a kindler, gentler Fleet Week in San Francisco 2015

Essay and image provision for exhibition on Cuban posters at Interference Archive, Brooklyn, NY

Exhibition at Rosie the Riveter National Park - Emmy Lou Packard in the WWII Kaiser Shipyards
Review of exhibition in Richmond Confidential

Illustrated essay in Enter magazine : Three political posters - South Africa, Gay Rights, Homelessness

"Fighting Fire with Water: The Bay Area Peace Navy's Large-scale Visual Activism"  Signal 04

"Cataloging as Political Practice" The Stansbury Forum, 4/4/2015

A Graphic Revolution: The New Archive in Not Even Past, University of Texas, 3/12/2015
article on why and how I use digital cataloging as social justice practice

Poster for centennial of the American Public Health Association - Occupational Safety and Health Section

Adventures in copyright violation:  The curious case of Utopian Constructions

Directory of San Francisco Bay Area political and countercultural screenprint and offset shops

All Of Us Or None: Social Justice Posters of the San Francisco Bay Area
Exhibition at the Oakland Museum of California 2012 | AOUON  web catalog | full-color published catalog by Heyday
Smithsonian Magazine feature article | Steven Heller interview | Randy Shaw Beyond Chron review

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