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Alliance for Cultural Democracy Archive

graphic by Ricardo Levins-Morales, from cover of Cultural Democracy, issue #44, Spring 1996

This site is a digital repository for the archives of the Alliance for Cultural Democracy, a national activist arts organization that flourished from 1982 to 1994.

[Brief history of NAPNOC/ACD to come]

THE ALLIANCE FOR CULTURAL DEMOCRACY supports community cultural participation. We believe in cultural pluralism, and understand the necessity to integrate the struggles for cultural, political, and economic democracy in the United States. The most important initiatives for cultural democracy take place on a grass roots level in communities, neighborhoods, and among activist artists and other progressive cultural workers.

CULTURAL DEMOCRACY means that culture is an essential human need and that each person and community has the right to a culture or cultures of their choice; that all communities should have equitable access to the material resources of the commonwealth for their cultural expression; that cultural values and policies should be decided in public debate with the guaranteed participation of all communities; that the government does not have the right to favor one culture over another.
[from Cultural Democracy issue 33, 1986]

Full set of NAPNOC Notes and Cultural Democracy issues - digitized 2017 by Val Hutchings

List of known publications

Sample digitized materials

Declaration of Cultural Human Rights (draft) 1996

Membership directory 1989 [also see other directories of artists and cultural workers]

Cultural Democracy issue number 33, Summer 1986

"They Want You to Perfume the Sewers," speech by Meridel LeSueur at the ACD conference in San Francisco, 1988

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