Video tour
of exhibition for California Studies Association conference 5/28/2012

"Oakland artist Favianna Rodriguez talks political posters" Oakland Local, 5/23/2012

Smithsonian Magazine feature article

Steven Heller interview about exhibition, book

Randy Shaw Beyond Chron review


Additions and corrections to
All of Us or None:
Social Justice Posters of the
San Francisco Bay Area

Heyday, 2012

Many posters of the 1960s and 1970s were produced anonymously. Now, as these works are being published and exhibited the creators are becoming known.

Page 20, image 3.23 "Blot out the Blemish of Berkeleyland"
art by Harold Luckey

Page 55, image 5.15 "Solidarity Survival Fair"
individual artist Rudy Cuellar (also collectively RCAF)

Page 74, image 5.58 "Free Our Sisters, Free Our Selves"
art by Stephanie Jones, 1971

Page 77, image 5.69: "International Women's Day Celebration"
art by Juan Fuentes.

Page 132: expanded entry for Mission Grafica - downloadable insert

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