Alfrédo Gonzalez Rostgaard, 1943-2004

Cuban graphic artist Alfredo Rostgaard died Monday, December 27, 2004. Born in Guantanamo of mixed ancestry, he earned a degree at the School of Plastic Arts in Santiago de Cuba. Soon after the revolution he worked as a cartoonist and as artistic director of the Union of Young Communists' magazine Mella. He designed numerous posters for ICAIC (the Cuban film institute) and became art director of the Organization in Solidarity with Africa, Asia. and Latin America (OSPAAAL) from 1960 to 1975. He had numerous international exhibits and won several distinguished awards. He was a talented, witty, and prolific artist with a deep sense of social responsibility.

Compañero Rostgaard, Presente!

His last published interview was "Cubano Libre," Tokion, issue #42, 2004. Full text and photos linked to their page , under "Articles," scroll down to select.

"Radiant Che," OSPAAAL, 1969
Day of Solidarity with the Congo, OSPAAAL, 1972
Santo Domingo-1965, OSPAAAL, 1970
"Guerrila Christ," OSPAAAL, 1969
ICAIC Tenth Anniversary, ICAIC, 1969

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