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UC Berkeley - libraries & resources

Campus webcam - Sproul
Campus webcam - Lawrence Hall
Map of UC Berkeley campus
Library mainpage
UCB master list of indexes & abstracts
UCB Journals, magazines, newsletters
UCB master list of directories
Business/Econ library

UC peoplefinders
Berkeley- all staff
" librarians by subject specialty


created by Lincoln Cushing -
"Microportals for Progress since 2002"

Bancroft pages
The Bancroft library mainpage

Cataloging resources
Library of Congress Classifications
Library of Congress Authorities
MARC country codes
Perpetual Calendar
Bancroft pict processing guidelines
Special character key commands
Spanish graphic arts terms
LOC WPA poster cataloging
SAA VMS cataloger's reference link
Character counter
Earthlink Site Down Detector

Open Web
Google advanced search
Google newspaper archives
Archives USA (Proquest)
Librarian's Index to the Internet
U.S. newspaper archives on web
WorldCat - find books in libraries

UCB sites
IIR Labor Art Exhibits
IIR Research Portal -
Labor Culture
Union Contracts

"My Best Friend" - detail from Cuban bookplate
"My Best Friend," bookplate from the
JosÚ MartÝ National Library, Cuba

Docs Populi webmail
Lincoln Earthlink webmail

822 Santa Barbara Rd directions

Kaiser Permanente
History of Total Health blog
KP Style Guide

Newspaper archive

Headline capitalization tool

AP Style Guide (via KP Share)

California Studies Association web


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