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images from Handbook for Boys, 1911

Personal projects (Lincoln Cushing)

Repairing a Central Pneumatic 3 gallon air compressor

Martis Indians of the California Sierra Nevada
Installing an air horn on my Triumph Bonneville- advances in vehicle customization.

"Disabled Parking Placards: The Third Rail of California Parking," 1/6/2013

District of Columbia student newspapers 1969-1971

%#@* that cartoon cursing! -
Suggested "best practices" in using the graphic artwork of others -

New Left copyright examples from the 1970s -

1908-2008 Centennial of the Great White Fleet's departure from San Francisco Bay

1898-1998 Centennial of the Spanish-American War

Article in UCSD alumni magazine about Groundwork Books

Teaching binary and ASCII to young people - code as a pedagogical tool

Pulp Fiction - a critique of the modern papermaking industry

Recommendation for including Union Labels in Cataloging

"Call for Papers," Modern Industrial Papermaking and its Consequences for Librarians and Archivists
Bay Area Peace Navy
demonstrations against Chevron Oil and Fleet Week 2008

Firearms and Self-defense: a handbook for radicals, revolutionaries, and free riders (1969)

Saw O' Death - desperation is the mother of invention. My first YouTube.

Party Builders Associates : a clever parody of New Left sectarian thought.

Research and scholarship

“So, now I too am an official member of the guild of whores.” Comment by Albert Einstein to colleague upon accepting a professorship at the University of Zurich
in 1909 after working in Swiss Patent Office for seven years.

The Undergraduate's Guide to Online Research

Copyright and fair use - excellent summaries and links from Stanford University Library;
Also see Cornell University's guide on copyright use and "Clipping Our Own Wings - Copyright and Creativity in Communication Research"
"Molotov Man" controversy regarding inappropriate artist image recycling of Susan Meislas' photo- Harper's magazine, February 2007 (behind paywall)

Community-based artwork, progressive history, and digital images

1980s Emeryville mudflat sculptures, from Community Murals magazine

African Archive Resource Project, through Michigan State University - posters

Alliance for Cultural Democracy - draft site of digital archive for the archives of the Alliance for Cultural Democracy, a national activist arts organization that fiourished from 1982 to 1996.

"Anti-Nazism and the Ateliers Populaires: The Memory of Nazi Collaboration in the Posters of Mai '68" - essay by Gene Marie Tempest

Art for A Change (Mark Vallen), agitational and community artwork -

Beehive Design Collective -
Berkeley's Free Speech Movement -

"Blocking Progress: Consensus Decision Making in the Anti-Nuclear Movement," by Howard Ryan. This widely read pamphlet, originally written in 1983, was based on the author's experience as an anti-nuclear activist in California. Ryan argues that consensus is a fundamentally undemocratic process, leading to overt and covert problems in the movements and organizations that embrace it. PDF of article posted at ;
for questions or comments, please contact the author directly at

CAIN (Northern Ireland Conflict, Politics, & Society) posters -
California Digital Newspaper Project -

California Ethnic and Multicultural Archive (UC Santa Barbara) -

Center for the Study of Political Graphics -

Chicago Women's Graphics Collective -

CREFAL handbook on unusual community-based printing technique -

Coudal Partners - posters and propaganda links

Design Action - an Oakland-based progressive design firm, highly recommended -

Directories of artists and cultural workers -

Graphic Witness -

Holt Labor Library -

Hoover Institution poster archive searchable database-

H.K. Yuen Social Movement archive, UC Berkeley

"I Dream of Billboards Burning" - oppositional visual culture from Quebec

Political Archives -Institute for the Study of the Americas (ISA) -

Port Huron Project - reenactments of key movement speeches

International Institute for Social History -

Justseeds/Visual Resistance Artists' Cooperative - and list of useful poster books
Labor Arts - a portal for several labor culture links -

Leeds Postcards -

Library of Congress - posters in the Yanker collection.

Linen Hall Library - posters of the struggles in Ireland

Madison People's Poster and Propaganda Collection -

Middle Eastern posters -

Michigan State University radicalism online collection -

Online Archive of California - multiple poster collection databases hosted through University of California

"Obey Plagiarist Shepard Fairey: Critique on the Occasion of Fairey’s Los Angeles Solo Exhibition” Mark VAllen, December 2007.

Radical America online -

Radical Art Caucus -

Radical & Community Printshops wiki (UK) -

Rini Templeton - articles and graphics by this significant movement artist -

Sam L. Slick poster collection, University of New Mexico -

The Sixties Project -
Social Design Notes - annotated, selective, and eclectic -

Student activism 1930's - with many great graphics -
Syracuse Cultural Workers -

WPA posters at the Library of Congress -

Socially-responsible Librarianship - Progressive Librarians Guild Labor Archives Roundtable, Society of American Archivists -

Life is stranger than fiction department:

On October 11, 1996 then-retired General (later Secretary of State under Bush III) Colin Powell ended up apologizing for a racist remark made at a speech given at the Business Leadership Summit in Stockton, California; The subject was "Affirmative Action and the Global Economy".

"If you give 1.3 billion Chinamen access to home shopping on television, (communism) is over, because there is no way communism can compete with a salad shooter for $9.95."

Recently released tapes reveal new levels of bigotry - against Jews, blacks, Mexicans and gays, for example - including a special slam at everyone's favorite city. In a recent Chicago Tribune column, James Warren quoted a 1971 presidential conversation with John Ehrlichman, in which both were lamenting the rise of liberalism.

"San Francisco has just gone clear over," says Ehrlichman. "But it's not just the ratty part of town," says the leader of the free world. "The upper class in San Francisco is that way, The Bohemian Grove, which I attend from time to time. It is the most faggy god-damned thing you could ever imagine, with that San Francisco crowd. I can't shake hands with anybody from San Francisco."

(thanks to Leah Garchik, SF Chronicle)

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